EarlySun Power is dedicated to providing the latest pv solutions.

Not all renewable projects are straight forward.....

Our experienced team of developers have created solutions that will change the PV industry as we know it!

​Our virtually indestructible Glass-less hybrid technology can provide solutions without limitations

The "glass-less" Hybrid advantage

​Ultra Thin Peel & Stick Hybrid solar panels can be installed in minutes without drilling or racking.

Glass-less solar technology allows for custom order products and or specialized solar panels.

Benifits include increased ranges and steady supply of "charge on the go" renewable power.

Recreational products can be installed quickly without drilling or the use of rack systems. 

Fold & Go glass-less hybrid solar panels are perfect for mobile applications and quick deployment.

our commitment

  • Impact tolerance (25x stronger than glass modules)
  • Weight reduction (Up to 75% Lighter than conventional PV)
  • Flexible design can allow for up to 45 degree bends
  • Ideal for BIPV (Building-Integrated Photovoltaic) projects
  • Ultra-Thin panel design (only 3mm thick)
  • Significant packing and transportation cost savings
  • Available in custom sizes, shapes, and colors
  • Applications for markets in various of sectors