Mobile solar applications benefit from extended battery life, increased ranges, and steady supply of "charge on the go" renewable power.

EVT - 160W

- Extended range of 10-20 miles per day

- Increased battery cycle-life

- Prevent deep discharge
- Convert daylight into energy
- Shatterproof design 
- Retrofit installation

- No modifications to charging systems  
- Quick return on investment  
- CO2 emission free charging while driving!

Technical Specifications  
Pmax - 160W

VMP  - 63.6v
IMP  - 2.48A
Voc  - 76.0v
ISC  - 2.64A
Efficiency - 15.1%
Bypass Diodes - 3
Output Voltage  - 48v
Cell Type - Polycrystalline
Number of Cells - 120
Product Specifications  
Length - 1328 mm

Width  - 800 mm
Depth - 4 mm
Weight  - 5.7 kg
Frame - Frameless
Backsheet - Ultrathin Alloy
Encapsulation - NPC4 Polymer
Junction Box - IP65 Class II (IEC/UL Certified )
Output Cables - PV Cable (IEC/UL Certified)
Charge Controller - 10A PWM or MPPT



The EarlySun line of (EVT) Electric Vehicle Technology products allow for battery powered vehicles to be optimally charged and fueled by the sun. Continuous on-the-go charging technology ensures that your vehicles energy reserves never drop below 70% on an average day of use.  Keeping your batteries “topped up” above a 70% state of charge will ensure that the lifespan of your batteries can be doubled or even potentially tripled. Our On-the-go charging technology not only allows for electrical savings, but fewer costly battery replacements with reduced and or eliminated charge times! 

Businesses that depend on operating fleets of electric vehicles can not only benefit from the reduction of their power consumption, but they can also potentially reduce the number of vehicles in their fleets. This is made possible because of quick or eliminated charge times that are the typical bottleneck in day to day operations.