EarlySun Power uses an advanced manufacturing process we call nano particle bonding. Combining advanced polymers with our proprietary substrates allows for our designs to have slight module expansion and contraction. This unique characteristic reduces stress points on surface areas while increasing the durability and lengthening the life expectancy of modules.

The EarlySun Power hybrid solar technology allows for our modules to be competitive in the thin film space without compromising performance. Our advanced technology and our end design address issues commonly associated with the inefficiencies of thin film solar products.   

Bell Laboratories introduced the first practical solar module to the public in 1955. Unbelievably, over the last 60 years there has virtually been little or no advancements in solar technology or its functionality.

By re-inventing the manufacturing process of traditional glass solar modules, EarlySun Power can eliminate the outdated manufacturing procedures using lamination and glass. Our glass-less "Hybrid" product lines offer a solution that can be compact, semi flexible and highly durable. Our panels offer superior protection for delicate solar cells that can be used in a magnitude of applications including on and off grid systems.




Advanced hybrid solar solutions - "this is why we are different"

Robust polymers and new manufacturing processes have allowed EarlySun Power to develop products that are extremely lightweight and impressively durable. Our hybrid solar modules can be up to 75% lighter and well over 25x stronger than any conventional glass photovoltaic modules on the market today. EarlySun Power can deliver superior durable product lines without compromising performance. 

While the competition is trying to figure out how to make their product stronger...... We are busy parking cars on top of ours!